Changing an Image or Smart Attachment after a message is sent

Q – Can an Image or Smart Attachment be changed after sending a tracked message? A – Yes, if you want to avoid resending an email and you learn of the change early on, you can change for all sent emails, whether opened or not. To change an Image or Smart Attachment after a tracked […]

How to Change Smart Attachments – v4.5

To change a Smart Attachment that you sent in a message, follow the steps below. Upload the new, corrected Smart Attachment. To Upload go to Content>Smart Attachments>New. Delete the Smart Attachment you want to replace by selecting it in your Content Library then clicking on the X. Go back to the new Smart Attachment and click […]

Accepted file types for Images and Smart Attachments

The following types of files can be added to a tracked message using the PoliteMail Add Image and Smart Attachment functions. bmp csv doc docx gif* gz jpeg jpg pdf png ppt pptx rtf txt xls xlsx xml zip vcs vcf ppsx ics emz * Note: Outlook does not support gif animation within the Outlook application/email […]

Using Trackable Smart Attachments

The problem with regular file attachments, particularly when sending to lists, is that they slow the send process considerably. Large file attachments, and certain file types, make it more likely your email will get blocked/not delivered by a recipient’s mail server. The PoliteMail Smart Attachment feature overcomes these issues  and enables you to track attachments […]

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