Images not scaling within templates

If you are using a PoliteMail template and images are not scaling while the text and table are, you can use the mo_re100% fix that allows the images to scale with text and table. To fix, add “mo_re100%” (without quotes) to the alt text of the image. Right click the image and click format picture […]

Adding or Changing Graphics in HTML Templates

Modifying HTML Templates in Outlook Add or Change Graphics within a Template To add or change a graphic within a template, either place the cursor where you want the new graphic to go, or click on and select an existing image you want to replace, then use PoliteMail > Add Graphic Image and browse to […]

Adding or Removing HTML Template Elements

Add or Remove Template Elements Templates expand or shrink to fit your content. In many cases, you can simply select, copy/cut and paste to add and remove elements within the template. While the Outlook editor provides some table tools, it is not an HTML page layout program; therefore, editing layouts can be a trial and […]

Adding or Changing Links in HTML Templates

Add or Change Links Links within pre-designed templates are placeholders only, with no destination URLs.  To create an active link you may type or paste the link URL directly into the text, or to create a text link such as Click here, simply select the text (or image) you want to make into a link […]

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