Templates or messages not holding font styling?

Q – I just updated to Outlook 2016 and my font changes aren’t saving with my template/email message. Why? A – There has been a change to Microsoft Outlook html code in Outlook 2016. See below for workaround. If you are using Outlook 2016 with PoliteMail you may notice that certain font style revisions such as font […]

Images not scaling within templates

If you are using a PoliteMail template and images are not scaling while the text and table are, you can use the mo_re100% fix that allows the images to scale with text and table. To fix, add “mo_re100%” (without quotes) to the alt text of the image. Right click the image and click format picture […]

Adding or Removing HTML Template Elements

Add or Remove Template Elements Templates expand or shrink to fit your content. In many cases, you can simply select, copy/cut and paste to add and remove elements within the template. While the Outlook editor provides some table tools, it is not an HTML page layout program; therefore, editing layouts can be a trial and […]

Adding or Changing Links in HTML Templates

Add or Change Links Links within pre-designed templates are placeholders only, with no destination URLs.  To create an active link you may type or paste the link URL directly into the text, or to create a text link such as Click here, simply select the text (or image) you want to make into a link […]

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