Social Link Tracking – v4.5

Social Link Tracking – v4.5 Social Link Tracking allows you to track metrics, such as click throughs, for links posted outside of PoliteMail. For example, you can generate a tracked link for your website, put it in a Twitter or Facebook post, and view the results in PoliteMail. To use Social Link Tracking, click on […]

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions – v4.5

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions Sent Total recipients message was addressed to [count of members in list(s)] Devices Unique devices tracked (devices identified via browser agent) Impressions Total number of all previews/opens (non-unique, total open count) Undeliverables Hard bounces (returned to a mailbox PoliteMail is monitoring) Does not work with Aggregate tracking Out of Office Out-of-office replies […]

PoliteMail Version 4.5 Build Sheet

  PoliteMail v4.5 Release Notes: Jan 1/21/15 build 1/14/15: Updates to feature requests Description Work Item Status Import Outlook or Exchange DL into PM mailing list Feature Request 764 Complete Enable Personalization in Anonymous Tracking Feature Request 41, 279 Complete Disable ability to create duplicate list name, content names Feature Request 245 Complete Add support […]

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